Paul Harvey’s Words in 1965 Made Me Think

Paul Harvey was a radio broadcasting legend who passed away in 2009 at the age of 90. Meaning there’s a pretty high probability many still either remember him or recognize his legendary, and very uniquely distinctive voice.

The last renowned publicized recording was during a Super Bowl Commercial which aired in 2013 for Ram Trucks. It was simply known as “Farmer“.

Over 22 million people have viewed this one version on YouTube of the video alone, due to the compelling nature, theme, and tone.

Ironically, per the New York Times, Paul Harvey’s obituary has the following quote:

In his heyday, which lasted from the 1950s through the 1990s, Mr. Harvey’s twice-daily soapbox-on-the-air was one of the most popular programs on radio. Audiences of as many as 22 million people tuned in on 1,300 stations to a voice that had been an American institution for as long as most of them could remember.

Emphasis mine.

So let’s put time in a bottle since we’ve already begun to look back, and throw it way, way back.


How about we take a closer look at Paul Harvey and get “The Rest of the Story“.

Behind the famous broadcaster who began his career before radio was invented was his beloved wife, whom he affectionately called “Angel”.stacks_image_2

Paul Harvey was working his way into and through radio broadcasting that landed him at KXOK in St. Louis, Missouri. Unbeknownst to him, there was a strong supportive woman being prepared to be his bride and better yet, as his business partner by his side.

Her name was Lynne Cooper Harvey. Prior to their marriage in 1940, Lynne graduated from Washington University and began her own radio career. After they wed in 1940, the late Mrs. Harvey took the supportive role by taking over administrative responsibilities behind the scenes and forming their successful business partnership.

So Paul and his “Angel”, Lynne, moved to Chicago and the late Mrs. Harvey remained very actively involved in various charities. (ABC News)

In addition to her broadcasting work, she also served on numerous charitable boards, including the Infant Welfare Society, Prevent Child Abuse America, the USO, the Illinois Mental Health Association, the Illinois Charitable Trusts and Advisory Committee, the Joffrey Ballet, and the Children’s Home and Aid Society. She was also an enthusiastic contributor to various animal welfare groups.



Truth is:  Women have been very successful for many, many years, and so many things clearly aren’t as they appear. The late Mrs. Harvey lived the feminist’s dream.

At the top I have a motto, “Truth Doesn’t Change Nor Can It Be Hidden” (it’s since been removed remaining to be true), so let’s shake up the bottles and pick up pieces of time to see where it takes us and together, we can see how America used to be.

In the 1940’s when Paul Harvey’s “Angel” began her radio career along side her husband there were no televisions in America yet. They didn’t make their debut until late 1940’s.

So people sat around listening to radios similar to these:

After speaking to very special loved ones who love America about as much as me, and at least one is more than a decade older; we all came to a consensus that approximately 50 years ago that’s the “America” our parents left in our memory.

We are now somewhere in the early to mid 1960’s.

Almost everything we used back then was metallic in some form and it’s amazing we aren’t dead and those behind us don’t appear to be worse off, until recently.

Strollers weren’t plastic, our chocolate cans rusted, people had jobs measuring our feet because our shoes were made in America.

Piggy banks were really glass, toys were simple and rusted without care, candy at the corner store wasn’t wrapped; but people had manners, and going to the dentist was literally frightening. Try spitting in that bowl with your mouth completely numb.

Prell was the shampoo and good enough, facial cream was Noxema and it did the job, ladies saved money by styling their own hair, and family outings were at the drive-in theatre.

Baby toys were sharp and nobody died, nor were any eyes poked out. People weren’t afraid of toy guns for their sons, and families played Chinese checkers with glass marbles  – nobody ate. Oh, then the giant yard darts, called “Jarts”! They were as safe as a pocket knife, because back then hearts weren’t bitter, and youngsters weren’t lashing out in bloody rage filled fights, like something seen on TV.

Tinker Toys didn’t kill anyone. If a piece broke, we had it sawed it off, or better yet just threw it away. View Master was our way of seeing the world through a manual slide show, and it was a big deal. It had a 3-D effect, and the pictures kind of – looked real.

And yes, that sewing machine was really metal, suction cups kept it stuck to the table, and to sew you had to crank the wheel.

Remember we took time out of the bottle? Well, the last picture shows that the “working man” took his lunch to work with his thermos packed. He’s same working man that Ivanka Trump said,

In fact, I’ve never heard anyone say ‘working man’. Ever.

(Keep reading, we’re juggling time. The video coming up will make sense of it all.)

So, I probably heard Paul Harvey say two quotes repeatedly on a radio that looked something like this.

Until now, there was no reason for me to even see his face.

And to think if it weren’t for his beloved “Angel”, who supported and propelled his memorable voice through decades of fame, while together bringing their son up into the family business. We’d never know these words he left with us in 1965.

It’s best if you listen as if it were radio, yet some depend on visuals. This version has the least visuals, while the most viewed on YouTube has nothing but lyrics, and there are many that have been altered by the imaginations of others. It’s better not to be mislead.

Please… listen to what he said:

For those of us who have been around and have common sense, we can clearly see the change in our nation in the last 50 years, and there is no turning back. Interestingly, some of his words were mentioned by me (since deleted).

On November 9, 2005, Paul Harvey received the Presidential Medal of Freedom given to him by George W. Bush, and this is what he is reported to have said,

“This is the highest honor I have received since 60-some years ago, when Angel said ‘I do,'”

To anyone who truly understands, the words in the video were nothing new in 1965. Paul Harvey merely “Told the Rest of the Story” from another side. He and his beloved working wife “Angel” were right in the midst of it all.

Because now we know all about George W. Bush, and the Establishment, elite, Republicans, GOP, or whatever they like to be called. At the end of 2008, Bush and Paulson, with the first bail out – sent America’s auto industry into a tail spin with an economic ripple affect. These faces changed my life along with others, and are unpleasantly frozen in time.

There is really no two party system. It’s a power grab by the wealthy whose only vice left in life is – “the win”. The attack against Bush was planned all along, he just followed silently as if it were a scripted song. I wrote about it all years ago, because it was laid out for all to see, but there is no turning back.

So here’s more visual proof, America has been spoofed. The joke may have been on you, but it certainly was not, and is not on me.

Mr. Harvey along with his wife and son, told us how America is or was going to fall. You can’t put time in a bottle to stop it, or turn it back. For a LONG, LONG time America has been on the wrong track.

To put the onus on President Trump is utter foolishness by far. There’s a separate legislative process against which he contends, and another legislative process against which your livelihood hangs by a thread in your own state, with the exception of perhaps – one.

Please don’t take that last statement for granted, OK? Anyone and everyone can be mistreated, used as an object, and is replaceable.

While seeking employment, there’s that orange button again. In the meantime it’s literally my pay.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

With loving memory…


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(How many times do I have change the formatting on this Automattic or WordPress? People are still reading it! NOW it’s – December 17, 2017)

(Now April 8, 2018 and it’s still out of whack!)

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  1. Bruce Akin says:

    Good stuff​

    Bruce Akin

    On Tue, Jul 25, 2017 at 10:45 AM, iKat Chronicles wrote:

    > iKat posted: “Paul Harvey was a radio broadcasting legend who passed away > in 2009 at the age of 90. Meaning there’s a pretty high probability many > still either remember him or recognize his legendary, and very uniquely > distinctive voice. The last renowned publicized r” >


    1. iKat says:

      Thank you Bruce. I learned a lot about Paul Harvey and his beloved that I never knew, and it was a great trip back into the best years of America.


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