False Religion

Organized religions that are false,
Leave minds and souls full of dross.

None of which get separated off,
Instead it builds within . . . . filth and scoff.

They either want to avoid or “debate”,
It’s always “rules” that result in their target of hate.

They misuse the Bible for their rules,
Backed by a human being . . . . as a tool.

They boast of God yet He’s not part of their life,
Because they can’t equate how He deals with all their strife.

They speak of His love, and none of His wrath,
Could it be they’re headed down the broad deceived path?

They have piety . . . . and reality hidden down to a “T”,
They don’t ever ask for prayer, they trust in “self” . . . .  and not in Thee.

The lingo they use is different given the atmosphere,
You speak the Truth, and they want you . . . . “outa here”.

Cults reduce God to fit their imaginations,
That’s idolatry based on one’s finite fascinations.

It’s all a lie,
Not enough to “get by”.

They too shall meet their Maker,
Dear Lord, let it not be then . . . .

They learn . . . . they’ve been an unforgiving, grudge holding, bitter . . . . faker.