Why Liberals are Upset with Ivanka Trump

Given my research deep into politics I find it difficult to distinguish between there being two distinct political parties. It appears to be a power grab played at a level of wealth that most “common” or “forgotten people” don’t know about, care to understand, or plainly cannot wrap their minds around.

The lives of those “forgotten people” have been used, and abused by the same power grab – media confusion. They are also adults, and responsible for choices they make, so remaining uninformed – is no excuse.

Alluding semantics when defining either Liberal, Democrat or Progressive it appears some may have put a bit of hope into Jared Kushner’s ,”Ivanka Trump”, or Ivanka and Jared Trump. According to the Los Angeles Times:

Although friends described her core beliefs as more in tune with the Democratic Party, Ivanka appears to have put family loyalty to her father above her own political views.

It’s not a secret to Liberals or Democrats that Ivanka shares the views of her Democrat husband, Jared Kushner. When reading a variety of sources, those that interview Ivanka, or in the New York area, then it’s common knowledge the Kushner’s are Liberal and/or Democrat.

Being a Liberal or Democrat is OK. They are allowed to express themselves like Republicans or Conservatives did before, and after President Obama was elected.

What is not OK, is the violence or palpable viciousness anyone uses to excoriate another for either casually expressing oneself, or presenting factual research, and/or truths.

Back to the point. Ivanka carries a feminist mantle, and it’s expressed in her Twitter bio.

Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Entrepreneur & advocate for the education & empowerment of women & girls. This is my personal page. Views expressed are my own.

Emphasis all mine.

For a personal Twitter page her profile picture, or avi sure looks political.


Ivanka is watering down the Liberal agenda so they’re fuming at how she’s doing it.

She looks too feminine for feminism. I’m not impressed with her style selection, and would not pay 5¢ (that’s a nickel) to buy a dress with bows like that. Apparently, they haven’t been doing their research on Ivanka Trump’s Achilles’ Heel.

Have an auditory taste of a Liberal’s opinion. (Remember please: I don’t watch TV!)

It appears as though Ivanka’s presence is causing a disruption on both sides though. There are Republicans, GOP, Conservatives, or whatever they like to be called who are just blinded by some aura induced glare, and Ivanka is not a Kushner or Liberal.

Donald Trump Jr. even says in essence that Ivanka is a feminist! Yet he speaks so fast, and told the truth, naysayers probably didn’t hear him say it.

Listen for yourself as it is preset and ready to go: (Well check that out. Fox is so “friendly” they removed the damning statement!)

Did you catch the spin of the Republican, GOP, or Conservative side? (Fox News removed the video.)

Republicans or Conservatives appear to be spinning Ivanka’s feministic agenda commonly known to be Democratic, into her presence as a family member; and some people are swallowing it hook, line, and sinker.

Straddling the fence always makes people angry, so why do people act surprised and get defensive?

The entire double standard brings this saying to mind:

You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”.”
John Lydgate

That’s people pleasing, but I detest double standards because they remind me of preconceived notions. They get lodged in the minds of uninformed people. Then they behave as if they can read one’s mind and it makes them “right”. We don’t live in a world of right and wrong – or do we now?

Ivanka is a Liberal and Jared Kushner is a Democrat. It’s the same thing! She gave up her religious beliefs for the love of a man, and it’s recorded throughout links embedded here and beyond that she has donated money to Democrats, and so much more.

President Trump appears to be doing a really good job for a businessman, and Melania Trump is the epitome of lady.

America just will not turn their focus on Melania Trump though. She doesn’t wear foolish or dowdy clothing. Our First Lady has the long lost appeal like that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. It was the era, not the President so much.

Yet my first political rally was Robert Kennedy. Imagine that! My mom who is Korean instilled this entire view.

It’s really sad to see how times have changed. People don’t appear to be the same as a collective whole. Americana is a rare commodity.

Honestly, my dog in this political fight . . . . barely wants to bark anymore. She’s tired and sees the end game score.

Politics affects every aspect of our lives, there are things that mean more to me . . . . and it’s not really “this”. It’s imperative we pay close attention. In my heart . . . . if I don’t bring forth this truth, then my conscience tells me I’d be remiss.

Let me end with this. It’s a repeat for some, but when I was 13 years old I was elected President of my middle school. For some reason the high school found interest and interviewed me.

One of the questions they asked me in the 70’s was, “Do you think there will ever be a female President”? See how long ago they were asking? Calculate it. Better yet, what the heck did I know?

By “Living My Mother’s Dream”, I literally strove for the feminist theme, but it wasn’t my intent or goal. Was the corporate world fair to me? Not monetarily. Was I sexually harassed? You bet your  . . . . derrière.

Why don’t people moan and groan about celebrities and professional sports salaries? It’s called “politics”. I’ve watched it all shift and I’m not that old, but I’m old enough to know that “this” topic is no longer the fire that fuels my passion.

Always strive to rise above.


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