President Trump’s Kushner Tagalongs

Taxpayer Tagalongs?

Ivanka and Jared Trump, or Ivanka and Jared Kushner are back, and she was sporting a less dowdy pantsuit.  With that said, I’m going to make a prediction, and say that we will be seeing Ivanka in more pantsuits as she appears to be channeling Hillary Clinton’s agenda’s with the White House as Jared Kushner’s political trial run, and her adult playground. Apparently only a few like Yahoo are catching onto this pantsuit trend as I see it.


This daughter and her husband are easily as controversial as President Obama’s mother-in-law. Neither were invited by the voters or non-voting sector to live or travel at taxpayer expense around the world.

Neither Jared nor Ivanka were elected or appointed to their positions, but volunteered. It appears Ivanka’s role or job specifications are still unclear.  Lack of political clarity and experience takes me back to the New York voter registrations being too onerous for her to figure out to vote in the primaries for her own dad, so how is she qualified to be in the White House, again?

Yet somehow, Ivanka with her liberal agenda is getting a pass by mesmerized onlookers, and it appears to be a double standard from what I’m reading in comments. Many use the guise of piety or call themselves Christians, but fail to see that her own dad, OUR President will not openly declare her multibillion dollar childcare agenda to the “forgotten men and women” upon whom it could reportedly be a hardship, or her very presence on this trip to Poland with her husband.

President Trump’s twitter account of choice, is just that, a choice because one has a greater presence than the other.  For those who don’t watch TV one wouldn’t know anything outside this and a few other tweets, because it’s proven by algorithms that many don’t bother to click links.

I’m an American and dare say a Patriot by birth, who voted for Donald Trump due to his business experience, and not Ivanka or Jared Kushner. The purpose is to seek truth and expose it as done previously with all presidential candidates, foreign dictators, and select individuals.

I commend President Trump and Melania Trump on their most respected welcomes to the foreign countries and that there is no kowtowing to anyone. Fashion wise, I happen to find our First Lady’s style to be simply fetching.

I’m going to admit something here. I hadn’t really ever been exposed to any liberals, until recently. As a counselor it is imperative not to be judgmental, and therefore I had some learning to do.

As I sit on information that could expose people for doing their job with the media, I learned that just because they are liberal doesn’t make them wrong. What makes the whole thing “wrong” is how the public decides to handle the truth.

From having this truth, I gleaned more truth about the establishment on the right who didn’t want Trump to win, which I found more appallingly dishonest than liberals conducting business honestly and forthrightly.

Now I know who those on the “establishment right” work for, and am pretty sure why their opinions were formed against President Trump, but in dishonesty to their readers, listeners, and/or viewers. Many call themselves Christians, some are Jewish, and apparently are filling their pockets with money misleading readers, listeners, and/or viewers. At some point, people have a price where they will sell out, it’s just too tempting. Money comes before country, thus money becomes god.

I’ve learned there are people out there who are just working and happen to be working at certain places, and probably enjoy it. One doesn’t have to agree with corporate politics to earn a living. It’s a job and there is more to life, right?

Who am I to try and undermine or destroy anyone disguised under the word “truth”?

There is an employment law in every state except maybe Montana that can destroy anyone who is not a CEO, or does not own their own business. So, I sit back silently observing again, only to see how many put the entire burden on President Trump, because they are to ignorant by laziness ,or living in some bubble that’s going to burst.

People are still losing their jobs due to this one law, and as long as it’s there and unchanged, everyone is at risk, with a few exceptions.

Sometimes I wonder if certain questions can be answered without looking, while the Kushner’s are pushing Jared’s agendas. Ivanka has proven she’s a ‘show piece’ at least here, and here.

  • Define “congress”?
  • How many are Senators?
  • How many are in the House of Representatives?

If this is true, that “Trump is more Bannon than he is Jared or Ivanka” by Axios, don’t let it settle in too deeply either way. Everything is temporary and the federal level doesn’t fix the state laws.

Get to know your state legislation and our legislative process. Everything President Trump is doing job wise can be undone on the state level, except maybe in Montana.

I don’t live in Montana, but I’m not going to tell you something you don’t want to know.  So, it’s back to the orange button again, because we’ve reached the end. Your time and donations are greatly appreciated.

It’s onto Russia, the Nothing Burger! (again)

Thank you in advance! 

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