Russia Nothing Burger Let Me Count the Ways

At one point I was perplexed by something I saw late last year, but didn’t know why. In my own curious style I kept a reminder for later not realizing I’d be writing again. It resurfaced, and sort of to my surprise.

Well over a month ago I began researching this Russia “nothing burger“, found out it falls within my personal motto of, “simply complex“. It requires many hours of research to reach that conclusion, but now I’m finding a strange plot twist.  I mention it here.

How many ways can sensation pieces on the misguiding media for ratings, compared to what I have in facts . . . .  be presented figuratively like this?

It’s only me here, there’s no staff. I’m learning technology and it doesn’t feel very fast with everything else I do. With a small but strong support system, if I were to disclose the factual information in my possession, it would be reduced to gossip.

So after much thought, and giving business principles greater consideration, I’m observing everyone in silence again. Seeing there’s potentially a better solution for this media situation we’re in . . . . I keep seeing this “nothing burger” sensationalized over and over again.

There are a lot of people profiting off this media “crisis” that has some dander raised. Then knowing what I know, I can only imagine there are those sitting back steeped in cash with a big ole “hamburglar” type grin. This grin has an exception, it’s all legal.

You’re intelligent. If they give you that, then this is what I have to offer:


It’s a full meal and it’s filling, but I seek truth the old fashion way and it implicates more people than most would like to imagine. I’m not conservative, but a nationalist and it still bothers me with all the connections I found.

If you notice, pretty much everyone asks for financial support to combat the media. I just started everything all over again, please understand . . . for me to expose what I have would be utterly stupid on my part.

The bigger picture is causing me to wonder if others are truly clueless or if they are jerking your chain too for attention, money, and fame.

Without support, I’ll do what I do best and return to my creative roots. This orange button looks nice close to that pumpkin. It’s the only way to make it blend in at this point.