Dance With Me

Dust off the piano keys,
And come dance with me.

Even if it’s temporary and imaginary,
Please . . . . this is for special company.

You, like so many others may experience some sort of pain,
Anyone who lives with it knows it can feel like a clogged drain.

Everyone needs a way to cope,
Because that’s what gives us hope.

So let’s use art,
Just for a start.

Pain needs a distraction,
Or it gains traction.

Let’s take about 4 minutes of your time,
And then hopefully you’ll begin to understand why.

Fred Astaire was before my time, but as piano keys are ebony and ivory,
Watch this closely and see how “Smooth” . . . . is the key to his masterful creativity.

(Heads UP:  Video could be a trigger for PTSD . . . . It just occurred to me.)

How do I know?

I’ve watched this repeatedly. Music and videos I’m not familiar with bring me relief. We all need a way to cope in life. Some just haven’t had to stare it in the face . . . . yet.

This is a basic technique of many to help you relax. Music, photography, a bit of poetry, support, and sincere camaraderie.

This writer crosses many genres, and cannot be placed in a box . . . . there’s that.

Now I tip my “tatter ole hat”.