Teach Your Children Well

Only in America, it seems, do we have a class or generation(s) and their children roaming the globe, knowing virtually nothing about global culture, like their parents.

Take this moment to know my mother lived through two wars in South Korea, teaching me well about North Korea and communism.

This video is 2:39 minutes, read the captions. I didn’t fact check them, because I don’t know who is who, and never really got into their music. The words speak for themselves, as does their appearance.

This unnecessary loss of life is disturbingly heartbreaking on many levels, as the touring company Otto Wambier was traveling with is very forthright about their travels.

Young Pioneer Tours is a touring company based in China. It’s reported the owner is a British expat with a motto of taking travelers to

“the places your mother wants you to stay away from”


He was 22 years old. He knew better not to steal as a responsible adult. For a poster in a hotel hallway, he made a choice to take a risk.

Nothing else matters now.


There is no way this young male could understand or begin to imagine the consequences of stealing a poster in North Korea.

While in South Korea, my mom wanted to live free in America partially because she loved to laugh and smile. Let that sink in. She was treated like a second class citizen in South Korea. She doesn’t even know how they torture in North Korea.

The guard shown above would be in the same position as the young American, if he cracked a smile. Check out his jaw muscles and tight lips.

Koreans kind of look like that naturally. When my mother looks like that while I’m driving, I pull the visor down with the mirror so she can see what I have to look at while I’m trying to talk. She’s so American Korean “cool”, she sits still . . . . waits for it . . . . so she can laugh at herself looking like that.


His paper and pen didn’t make a dent for the trouble that nobody ever taught him he’d be in. Little did he know, the delicious water was just for show.

The University of Virginia didn’t give him a clue.

It pains me to use him as an example of what America is being portrayed as globally because of his disrespect for a notoriously harsh communist country. Koreans are adamant about cultural “respect”.  Yes, it can be extreme beyond comprehension.


So it’s reported the touring company will stop taking Americans to North Korea because of this reality. Otto Wambier got to come home to America, sadly in a coma, and died.

As this world becomes seemingly smaller due to technology. What once appeared as basic marketing and advertising has evolved into something more complex, yet it’s always existed in some form.

As our government grew, so did rules and regulations making way for more lobbyists. They’ve become very powerful while succeeding in their goals. News has become a seemingly subliminal form of advertising, used for political persuasion affecting individuals:  locally, statewide, nationally, and globally.

This young male’s life is now part of the new era of media mass marketing.

APTOPIX North Korea Detained American

But it doesn’t stop there. SuperPacs are also lobbyists explained very well by USA Today right here. So keep this in mind, all the #NeverTrumpers were being paid by lobbyists with many feigning piety.

Truth is . . . call a spade a spade. It’s OK to be a lobbyist. There is nothing OK, about being a blatant hypocrite.

Yes, we all are hypocritical to some degree, and if you are a true Christian then you know that’s why Christ died to set you free. If you’re not a Christian, then that doesn’t make any sense to you, and that’s OK too.

In the meantime, during my research of discovering truth while expressing my creative side, your assistance would be very much obliged.

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