Real Change (Random Thoughts)

Knowing I have information that is literally out there for anyone to expose, would drive most to “just do it”.

The thought, “Haste makes waste” always comes to mind.

I’ve seen it ruin lives repeatedly. I’ve made such decisions. I’ve paid the consequences and know in my heart God has forgiven me. In return, given my curiously studious nature God further gifted me with my heart’s desire of understanding. He, with time and my endurance has given me this thing called “patience”. It’s an odd virtue to acquire on a different realm.

Patience allows me to observe aspects of life that interest me, and that affect others.

One thing I learned something MUST change in America, or the “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS” that President Trump touts will always be in jeopardy. Given my research, I can visualize the globalists chomping at the bit planning to dismantle all of it to fit their ideology.

There are parents who have children and they are being reared properly. They don’t get the accolades they deserve in this day and age. They help cultivate their children’s imaginations and passions in order to strive for their future in a rapidly changing world. They still pray before they eat dinner together, and talk.

Some things haven’t changed over the years.


Anyone with a speck of common sense knows this takes years of hard work, effort, collaboration, loyalty, determination, dedication, and love for family. God bestows this lifestyle freely upon all people to enjoy freely, whether you believe in Him or not.


Responsible parents receive news about the child’s achievements, but don’t tell the child due the information being of no real value. This frees the child from arrogance overtaking and the child is able to pursue his or her interests without focusing on “self”.

Everything appears to be on course for such a family, right?

Foresight. Use your foresight now, or I’ll show you how.

So with President Trump, many people literally feel a burden of oppression lifting that weighed so many down. It’s okay, let them enjoy it, but they too will need to wake up to reality.

It was really difficult not to be affected by the oppression, and some have become so deeply part of deliberate relentless national crises, it seems impossible to determine where it all really began to unravel at the seams.

Here’s a hint:

oldtelly_1484864c  gi26.jpgvintage-photo-blk-white-tv-watching-family  480015567

And then there were no parents. The TV became a babysitter.


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We all know it’s true. While some try hard to keep the family wholesome, so many have lost any sort of mental discipline and this is the result. Look familiar?


Is it any wonder anyone is capable of reading anymore?

Now what was my point? Real change, President Trump’s “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS” . . . . he shouldn’t have to fight against the media and I found the problem. There’s another problem, unless you own your own business or are a CEO, you are replaceable without notice.

I’m up against the same distraction. I find the problem and our voters have the solution. That would be “YOU” the reader.

Would you please tell me below, why I should help save your job when I’m not employed and you get information for free?

I’d be a fool to expose everything I know. My mother clearly did not raise a fool.

One day . . . . may these efforts strike a chord, we MUST wake up America! Your JOBS are at stake and President Trump cannot stop them from being taken away. Would you like to understand more?

This is a national problem, and I’d be willing to help you explore, but all I’ve got is this orange button to implore.