If we do not want to live this life and feel remorse,
Then we need to consciously become more like a race horse,

One must willingly don . . . bit, bridle, and blinders . . .
Train, refrain and heed constantly God’s blessed reminders.

Thank God for our friends, who encourage us and sharpen,
Lest we NOT take heed, and to God’s voice, ones soul will not hearken.

Once we are born our life is . . . . Eternal,
It’s either Heaven, or burn in Hell’s blazing inferno.

The lake of fire is forever departed,
From The One by whom our precious life was originally started.

Each thought must be taken captive to be set free,
That’s a lot of thoughts, yet it’s done with simplicity.

I’ve done the hard part of figuring it all out,
Others sit complaining, being trampled, and then pout.

God didn’t spare souls and give such Divine gifts for pigs to trample,
He set us apart, to make us shine, hone our gifts, and to be an example.

Who are we to seek freedom and then settle for control?
Christ died for justification and peace in our souls . . . for our salvation did He bestow.

How foolish to choose not to live fully through His journey of sanctification,
His Word is our Guide Book to a life toward complete restoration.

Why pass up the best opportunity in life to live abundantly on this earth,
To return to the filthy, mundane regurgitated human dearth?

I extend my hand,
In any way I can.

I may read, study, write, talk, but I listen intently and see . . . .
Kind of like Nicodemus when he climbed up into the tree.

By the painful truth of . . . and in life, my Lord set me free.
It’s taken a while to reach this point, in this my sole journey . . . .

Yet God created me like this . . . so I could be me,
My life is His design . . . who better, could I possibly be?

I’m sitting on truth waiting on God’s time,
Perhaps you could help by sparing a dime?