Breitbart Ad Gone Wild?

The pictorials will be pathetic. They are screenshots from my old phone, so you’ll get what you get, it’s what I get. Welcome to my life.

No TV here, so there is a lot of reading of different publications, and to prove many of my political points I use what most would label “liberal” media.

I don’t subscribe to very many publications, definitely don’t read everything posted, and post even less. Most of what I see is absorbed and observational for trending purposes. My mind works like it’s own algorithm in a weird way.

Allow me to interject; right “here” explains the complexity of tapping into the intellect that my Korean mother pushed so very hard in her own way.

I got duped once by this advertisement thinking it was a story, because Brietbart didn’t have the distracting ads getting in the way of the pieces that were nothing short of partial reports of another media outlet’s original reporting. Yeah, that’s not original.

I receive these at night and read them in the morning. My phone says this was something like Monday or Tuesday when I took the photo. That’s June 5 or 6, 2017, and I typically let things sit instead of jump on it like the majority of reporters. It’s my curiosity of observation.


I had actually forgotten that I was duped once by this advertisement that appears like one of their articles, so I clicked it AGAIN! What or how are they profiting for every click by the unsuspecting person in whom they may be instilling some sort of unnecessary emotion in this day of so many trouble people?


Notice the date?


I don’t know what made me do this, but I actually scrolled down below the comments to see this “disclaimer”. We know how much I like Facebook. Not.


So, I’m not keeping track of time. I look at this stuff. You can see my twitter timeline and see I rarely if ever tweet anything from them.  Then, I see this:


It’s obviously a different day (I believe yesterday), time, battery is charging, and the title is different!  “No need to click that” bait!

Oh, but wait? Who’s going to tell you that?

Let’s keep some things straight. I’m a nationalist and about truth. It doesn’t matter which “side” someone may think one is on . . . . DO NOT HARM OTHERS!

All I ask for is your assistance so I can keep you in the light of the truth despite from where it originates. I despise deceit, betrayal, lying and using a public forum to harm others.

People do enough of that behind the four walls of their own homes, and have enough difficulty controlling and coping with life as it is, without this type of apparent trolling deceit.

If you love God, your family, the sanctity of life and miss the wholesomeness of America, would you help me discover and continue to disclose the truth leaving no stone unturned?

And it continues to this day. (8/2017)

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