Ode to A Young Man (Tweaked)

When I was younger I met a young man,
Back then I had NO idea about God’s Infinite Plan.

We met when I was in my late teens,
Not until over three decades later did I understand the depth of what it all means.

Yes, “means” is what I meant and I’ll explain that too,
Because . . . . well, that’s what I do.

For over the next three decades I lived a fast pace,
Experienced more than most ever would in a lifetime, but life isn’t a race.

Thankfully life slowed down as God is in control, yet at one point I had one regret,
I sped through life and missed some people I had met.

Given my life is a part of God’s Infinite Plan,
Only He can arrange reparations in this . . . . my tiny lifespan.

God has been very good to me and allowed me to catch up with those in my past,
Very few had much meaning and weren’t meant to last.

For years this young man stayed on my mind,
In my heart, it was for a different reason as God is so very kind.

Years ago, he may have been passing through town during college for a job to make better money,
Which reminds me of an incident that I still think is kind of funny.

That’s where I met him and I had to take a test,
It’s the first time I had ever completed testing first, and did try to do my best.

It felt so weird being finished first, I sat back down and re-read the whole thing,
Stood back up, still the only one finished, I awkwardly accepted the fact that I actually accomplished something.

Due to being harassed all through grade school and went there to fight, compared to high standards . . . . I was thought to be dumb,
At this particular point as a late teen, it was still impossible for me to overcome.

This young man knew pretty much nothing about me,
He asked me out because well, I guess he thought I was . . . . just pretty.

Our time together seemed far too short,
But looking back, it too was high impact I’m happy to report.

In a short time he left an indelible mark on several lives, and looking back he was so full of energy!
He fascinated my dad, was captivated by my mom, my brother-in-law loved him and produced within me a lasting synergy.

He said something to me before he went back to school,
It appeared like the wrong words got stuck, but I followed through, because deep down . . . . I’m no fool.

Before we met, I swore I would never go to college, but gently he changed my mind,
As soon as he left, I was accepted at our state university, took two summer courses and left that other thought far behind.

I was accepted at this well known university,
Exactly as he directed me, you see? . . . . Interestingly, I’ve never even taken an SAT.

When it came down to making a decision to leave,
It felt as if the bond we had was no longer there, I was bound to my mother and not a degree.

Little did I know, I had to learn business experientially,
Before any university study began to make any sense whatsoever to me.

Little did this young man ever know,
Despite all the obstacles in my life . . . . I never let go.

It took me over a decade to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree,
But that was only the beginning to set my mind free.

I had to choose private universities for the personal touch,
Anything bigger and God knew it would be exponentially too much.

In my mid thirties I got my Master of Arts degree,
By the Grace of God . . . . that’s when I FINALLY learned how to actually study!

I even completed exams first,
And it was nothing to me.

Remember the young man about whom this was being written?
Yeah, him! . . . . I never saw his last name spelled out, but I was on a mission.

I had only one iota of romance left in me,
So I did something really, really silly.

In case if he were looking, I left an encrypted message on my bios for him,
It will be the last time I do anything ever like it again, or on a whim.

This one young man was the last person I needed to find,
God gave me closure with everyone else to slowly ease this turbulent life and very controlled mind.

Let me say this, “I found him”, and he contacted me . . . . I was nervous and this young, but older man stirred . . . . my emotions galore.
God knew this now older man was needed again for something more, but we had NO idea what was in store.

I hadn’t realized God used him to help set my life in a studious motion,
His youthful kindness and generosity back then were not a notion.

See, beyond what anyone may think, it was all God’s timing for us to meet,
and then reconnect;
Because what he may view as common place and determine as “nothing”. . . . upon my life, God had (and has) a greater, complex, and prolific affect.

For me, with understanding comes peace,
Finally, I understand why I needed to find this one last young man. . . .
It’s all part of God’s Infinite Plan.

It’s important for me to cherish my youthful relationship with him,
He was fun, and his dexterity at billiard trick shots was second to none.

That tidbit ranks with the magician I dated,
Watching is fascinating, but access to angles and questioning is fun!

Greater still is that our relationship was clean, nice and there was no absolutely friction.
This is hard to express, but God used this one young man’s total being for me with no restriction . . . .

To set the one human quality in my life as an anchor to keep me focused and stable.
For me, education became an outlet to exert tenacity, perseverance, diligence, endurance . . . . To suffer in life, gain empathy, to comfort and help others when they weren’t able.

I ask my dear God in Heaven, “Will you please let this man know deep in his heart,
How he touched this once young girl’s life in a way that when the world around her told her everything horrible and that she wasn’t the least bit smart?

And would you please let this man know that after I met him, life only got worse,
but by this foundation of education, by God’s Grace it helped break that abusive ‘curse’?“

I can’t control what another person can feel.
My only hope is he’s reading this alone and sitting incredibly still.

Writing is a very intimate form of communication,
This ode is a once in a lifetime attempt to express an inexpressible depth of appreciation.

First of all to God for reconnecting us,
and to this older man for allowing me to make a “fuss”.

Finally, like his dexterity with a cue stick and ball,
With this foundational core given by God through him . . . . I now have the creative abilities of photography, poetry and all.

If I had a better technical set up, I’d add an emoji face,
You’ll get this orange thing in it’s place . . . .

Now pretend it has a big toothy grin,
Because that’s what my heart is feeling within!

Lastly, speaking to the young man . . . . thank you for using the wheat dough,
And for the last thing I remember about you . . . . that, I still won’t ever let you know.  (: