Facebook: Not my Friend!

By NOT being on Facebook one might think that my social media reach is being hindered. But I say the truth is only hindered by the perception of the reader.

The following will clarify why I deactivated my Facebook account with many high profile friends and followers.

While setting goals early in life, referred to as “dreams” here, I would stop and wonder why the policies of the sitting President weren’t working in my favor.

At the end of 2008, George W. Bush economically gut-punched our region with the first bailout. Never in my life, had I ever forced myself to pay bills with coins collected for something special just to avoid touching our savings. It was then I was politically awakened on the federal level.

After being elected our middle school class president at age 13, I wasn’t sitting on the sidelines. Despite how it came, it was my choice to jump in and do my part to help save America in hopes of getting people to wake up and learn.

One thing I’ve taken away from my experience (and still find to be true) is the learning curve was steep, perverted, deceptive, and plain ole wicked. There is no party line or unification when it comes to journalism. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. People are seemingly self-agrandizing, pompous, greedy, and abusive.

Even in 2009, things weren’t as advanced and I spent my time building everything organically, or the old fashioned way. As many of you may have heard, the Obama administration was . . . . well, against anyone who had the appearance of being conservative.

Somehow I got that label when my core statement and belief is, “to seek truth as if shining light in a dark room to see the obstacles, so as not to stumble”.

Being a cofounder of a beautifully designed website that flew out of the gates in two weeks, (back then was almost unheard of), it was my patriotic name and me who was branded, labeled as  “conservative” and therefore the public target.

Let me just say, the Obama administration was also targeting us.

In December 2012, I had had enough of Facebook, and so I began to dismantle everything I posted, when I realized the group I created could not be removed completely. I found this disturbing.

Many of my views in the past have changed and many things I write don’t need to be etched into some freak show memory video.

Facebook went too far with the memories for me, because I don’t look back there’s nothing to see.

Here’s what I found as I began to drop friend by friend. Many people had begun to deactivate their accounts, and I learned how overnight they loaded up some on Facebook believed to be “conservatives” to throw their friend count over 5,000 (including me) to reduce mobility options before the presidential election. It’s also around the time FB began the follower option too.

I showed one Facebook security here, because at the time I thought I may have lost access to some photographs.

A mechanic or repairman will understand what I did. By not being afraid to take something apart, it is how one learns how something is put together. This is when I began to call it “Freakbook”.

Not only did they load my account with sock puppets to lock it up, that’s when I understood the use of algorithms. My having a freakish memory for names and faces really helped.

I found these unwelcome and oddly placed “security”. Note the font, and how the friend count varies with each photo, but wait until the end.

FB 1-1


FB 2

FB 3

FB 4

FB 5

We’re half way through, but wait for it. . . . .

Replacement FB


FB 7

FB 9

FB 10

This last one really troubled me in it’s own way . . . .  Is this the United Nations?  It could be nothing, but it’s similar to the Facebook Security with no followers; and yet again Facebook really thought my patriotic last name was a hoax! Plus, they were attempting to crack down on users going by their real names.

FB 8

Then one day, there was one that was activated. I guess I didn’t keep it, or it’s really lost, because not only were there over 1,000 mutual friends, but it showed the face of a columnist, and a real friend. I still remember who he is, but not disclosing anything because there is no proof.

Facebook began to jumble and distort my devices as I deleted friends for approximately 16 hours. No it was not in one sitting. It became very frustrating seeing the friend page go from orderly, to jumbled, to large overblown immovable distorted screens. If I had enough sense, I would have taken photos of that, but I was sick of them by then.

That is one reason why I’m not on Facebook.

The other is, in January 2013 I got a legal notice of a class action lawsuit for Facebook using my profile picture. So I looked it up on Forbes. It was real and to my surprise, four years later I got a settlement check for $15.

The blatant breaking of laws, and what appears to be spying on unsuspecting accounts is not a place for me. One day, someone told me to dump it so I did.

I’m not a novice, this is not my first, nor only encounter with social media and vile intrusive indiscretions. This is what I have to share and have been waiting for the right moment.

I cannot fathom why people allow themselves to get caught up in the mind game of false arrogance, or even thinking one is “famous” with virtual numbers, and yet can walk around unknown in public. It’s incongruous with reality.

There needs to be a different, more healthy, personal and mindful self-awareness. It is not found on social media. Facebook has the opposite affect and others are having the same affect on individuals who are not well grounded.

This explains why I ask you to follow me here, where the button is provided, and ask you to share it with your family and friends.

This is also why I include other writers and photographers, because Mark Zuckerberg is only a chip on the iceberg I see.

Doing this alone takes time and a lot of effort with no other source of income.

The content I offer is educational for adults and families on a level like no other. This is my service to you, and all I ask is for your support in some form or another. TV or your local newspaper will NOT show you this, neither will any other form of digital news, and there’s more.

Hopefully, my mission is clearer now.  Truth is timeless, and while others race for the breaking news. My goal is to search for the underlying truth, steering the breaking news everyone chases.

I’m the tortoise not the hare . . . . I will get there.

I don’t have fancy apps, the storage on my phone is full and can’t be updated anymore, and I sold something very precious to invest in this elite laptop. Put this together, my mother who reared me came from a Third World country. Truth is my priority, yet my life has necessities that need to be met, not wants.

I live by faith, God’s goodness and Grace. His Word is His promise to me.

If you love God, your family, and this great country . . . Would you please help me?