Living My Mother’s Dream

Here’s a thought I just had,
It not horrendous, but a little bit sad.

I lived my life to fulfill my mother’s dreams,
Now I’m learning she understands very little of what I do . . . it seems.

You can read more about my mother right here,
Then it might make everything I write a bit more clear.

I’ll try and sum it up here the best I can,
But when I write, words are a gift a maybe only poet can understand.

My mother is not originally from this fruitful land,
Yet she reared me under her loving, and seemingly limited hand.

She and my father worked at a factory and we didn’t have much,
But she made sure I dressed nice, pushed expanded political knowledge, education and such.

My life appears almost haphazard in some ways,
Because hindsight is 20/20 on those introspective days.

The truth is, I lived my life pursuing all my mother’s dreams,
Only to tell my very American Korean mother, “Ma, see none of it . . . . is as it seems”.

Yes, I made time to achieve personal goals early in life, and more that over achieved my mother’s dreams,
I shattered a glass ceiling, but not being well-known . . . . not a soul ever cared, about what I did . . . . it seems.

Apparently, women today still want the same thing,
I’m done there, been that . . . . feminism has some old hollow stale ring.

Yet, it didn’t matter to me, and I kept achieving more dreams,
Now here’s why my mother understands very little of what I do . . . . it seems.

My mother is incredibly brilliant to me,
She taught herself to speak English by watching TV.

She’s survived a foreign unwelcoming family and town,
By refusing to let people bring her beautiful soul, and innocent self down.

God’s infinite Grace was upon her and taught her to read,
She learned from God’s Word, and reads chapters nightly in two languages with speed.

She now watches a “smart” TV to learn,
But I have to caution her programming so as not to get mentally burned.

She used to love the news when it appeared to be wholesome,
She urged me as a child repeatedly to sit with her and learn, but I found it quite irksome.

My mother lived through two wars and has had enough of everything,
She’s my living guide through history and taught me . . . . we are living the communist sting.

Since President Trump’s inception, communist tactics are more or less on hold,
They’re still planning, maneuvering, infiltrating, evil and bold.

Yet I delve into our new administration while many Americans turn a blind eye,
Take verbal hits, miss opportunities and give poetry a try.

Remember my mother understands very little of what I do?
Here’s more of why.

My vocabulary is to big and it hurts me to say,
Then again she’s maintained simplicity of America . . . . I wouldn’t want her any other way!

The technology I’m using is new even to me,
She plays one computer game and as an arachnophobe . . . . I can’t stand to see.

It’s like we’ve reached two different, yet beautiful plateaus,
So in several ways our communication gap slowly pulls us closer . . . . as it eventually grows.

She loves my photography as it is truly an art.
My generous mentor saw I had an “eye”, and gave me a familiar start.

Like all things in life it too is experiential before education,
Therefore my photos are many, but they are special by each occasion.

It turns out my photography tells a story frame by frame,
My mother could tell me events coming up, and name people by name.

We shared a special memorial this weekend,
Found a common bond in our American Flag.

RESPECTED American Flag

We forgot everything else and remembered the depth of respect paid to our beloved American Flag,
Then my mother snapped back to reality and mentioned how many Americans values now disgracefully lag.

American men died in two wars for her to be free,
Please keep in mind that was in her very OWN home country!

World War II and the Korean War,
American men fought, families waited, mourned and so much more.

Here is a product of war and freedom . . . . it’s an American family’s love,
It’s not about “wearing flags as britches”, and I doubt my mother saw anyone burn the flag as she’s too busy reading God’s Word from Above.

To the remaining Veteran’s of World War II . . . who are few,
and the Korean War, and to their children I share . . .
We, in this home appreciate those sacrifices specifically, yet for all veterans and families . . . we sincerely care.

Memorial Day is not about any of this of which I just shared,
Please know it’s a day of remembrance to pay homage to those who gave their lives for our freedoms . . . . to show we stop and care.

So many don’t even know the meaning of this Memorial Day,
Like other American holidays it’s become materialistic and a time to play.

(I’ve edited this piece and there’s no good segue here. My most sincere apologies.)

You won’t find me asking for money and doing what others would,
Go to fancy restaurants and show you photos of expensive food.

I need to pay bills, electricity, internet, medication, buy food to live and I don’t eat much,
Yet I need money to reinvest as a new blogger, who’s at the computer steadfastly, and such.

Finally, not having the full range of social media, nor my mother’s full understanding, thus her support,
My faith is cemented in God who said, (Genesis 1:3 KJV)

“. . . . Let there be light: and there was light.”

. . . . I’m happy to report.

This has been long, and thoroughly true.
Now any help comes from . . . . well, you.

To those who don’t believe in the same God as me, please know this,
His Word says He provides for everyone and gives back to those who give . . . . so it may compound your type of earthly bliss.

It’s really as simple as this.