Genuine Friends

Thank God for genuine friends.

Real friends aren’t there as a mere convenience,
Friends give, advance, elevate, dignify, and encourage . . . . there’s a heartfelt allegiance.

True friends don’t turn their heads, when you get in a jam,
And it matters not distance, or longevity if there’s a separation within one’s lifespan.

Friends help, they encourage, they go out of their way,
Friends mean what they say, “Relax. . . . I’m here, it’ll all be okay.”

Friends have massive shoulders upon which each allow the other to lean,
Unlike those who take, belittle, humiliate, insult, and are spiritually mean.

Friends sharpen each other and only true friends understand,
Friends stand together, friends give . . . . not demand.

Friends don’t control, sneak, lie or deceive . . . .
We tell the truth, we’re honest, we restore, and believe.

One has to know love, be loving, and accept love . . . . to be friends,
Because without these abilities to experience love . . . . ALL of it ends.

Speaking of end,
Here we are again.

The orange button sits, and several have been quite generous,
Surely, you understand asking for donations is a hard thing to discuss.

Just so you know, for your time, I am truly grateful,
Writer’s are taken for granted, and my timeline here sometimes seems it may be fateful.

Implications to which I refer,
Are a feeling of a Providential defer.

Of course there’s no way we can ever be sure of any of that,
So again, I humbly tip my tattered ole hat.

Would you please . . . .