Ivanka Trump’s Faux Pas in Saudi Arabia

It’s baaaaack! Hillary Clinton’s pantsuit, and Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner’s potential ideologue and political powerhouse of a dream puppet could not have looked more dowdy; nor could she be anymore insulting to women who’ve experienced living under tyranny with Hillary’s rhetoric supporting the abuse.

To keep this in perspective, start by looking at Jared Kushner’s democratic donations here. Keep in mind that Rudy Guiliani became a Republican in 1980.

Back to Ivanka in Saudi Arabia.

Not ONE WOMAN in Saudi Arabia was able to drive to that meeting with Ivanka. Not ONE WOMAN was able to dress as one may have dreamed, and God only knows what ONE WOMAN was hoping for because of the living conditions behind the four walls of her own home.



Immediately reminded me of this:




Reminded me of this:

Hillary Clinton

Ivanka Trump is operating in the White House under no identifiable title, yet has access to classified information and travels with our President conducting the same policies as Jared Kushner’s long time family friend, Hillary Rodham Clinton.


The commonalities appear perplexing to the less adept thus far so here’s a slight edit:

  1. Childcare (Costing taxpayers an estimated $25 Billion over 10 years, or $500 Billion, it’s undisclosed.)
  2. Women’s Progress
  3. The Pantsuit

The democratic, liberal, or progressive agenda is stated by Hillary.

It’s preset for you, stop when you’ve had enough.

Ivanka Trump, as I’ve already written is pushing her democratic childcare agenda in President Trump’s upcoming tax bill.

President Trump posted it under his less popular twitter account @POTUS.

This benefit has changed since the election by Ivanka Kushner, it will cost taxpayers, and appears to be the reason it’s not highlighted under his more popular and controversial, personal twitter account. Note the publisher President Trump used is Ivanka and Jared’s neighbor Jeff Bezos.

Finally, and not only to this writer, Jared Kushner appears to have a suspicious “observer” look about him.

Is our President aware of being watched like this?


Does Jared Kushner realize how many times he’s been captured with this apparent suspicious look on his face?

This is probably as disconcerting for many of you as it is for me. I have discovered truths about Republicans so disturbing that I found there was no Republican presidential candidate worthy of my vote.

Truth is not always pleasant, and as adults we know this to be true, yet my sole purpose since beginning this endeavor is to find the truth, as no fan of politics – but interested in people.

I did not vote for Ivanka or Jared. I didn’t vote for many, who one would “think”. For years I wasn’t even a registered Republican. Since when did anyone care?

Everything presented you thus far is timeless, as truth is timeless and has no need to be “breaking news”. The content provided to you is of a depth not found in newspapers or media conglomerations out to control your minds (i.e. TV).

Your monetary support of my professional investigative reporting is my sole source of income and a risk worth taking on behalf of you as well as our country. I’ve learned to love America that much, and the people who fought, served, gave their lives, sacrificed their loved ones so I could have this right – and freedom to “speak”.

Did I mention literally fight in WWII, and the Korean War so I could be alive? Think about that. WAR.

By donating $5, $10, $20 or whatever you deem is feasible in your heart, then together these timeless truths can be etched in history. Each citizen of the United States of America and abroad will remember.

Would you please help me?

P.S. – I hope you enjoyed reading it. I have since given up writing about politics. I’ve never liked politics. My passion is for people. This is the most popular piece. (Next BEST is – here.) I have removed several since. Many who are interested don’t reside in the USA; others who read – must not understand what it takes to write such things.

Besides… Everyone wants to rule to the world, but rarely does anyone like the actual – truth.


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