God’s Infinite Plan

Clowning around with fools dulls one’s mental ax,
Cutting a tree down with a dull ax is swinging excessively, because it requires too many whacks.

Sharpen the ax and there’s so much more ease,
Still laborious, yet time left over to do what you please.

Those who are foolish will chase their own tails,
IF they stop, dizzily they may wonder where their life fails.

The life of a fool is drudgery, tiresome and lonely,
They toil and fumble, living a life of “If only . . . .”

There is an antithetical personality type,
Under life’s pain, and suffering; there is hope without hype.

They are wise,
But not in their own eyes.

In their hearts they are aware,
God placed His gift of wisdom right there.

Wise people listen to those who are just simply “wise,”
They are honest, true, loving . . . And live with no disguise.

Not self-righteous, self-seeking, hypocritical or mean,
Understanding, empathetic, trusting and deep down – serene.

Life of understanding cannot be lived without suffering and pain,
Without knowing hardships how would one ever gain gratitude and appreciation?

Understanding is another blessed divine gift,
It comes from suffering, battles, enduring oppression and rift.

Rifts are great chasms in large hearts full of love,
Everyone has felt them, yet some endure more with permission from Above.

It’s because God has a plan for those to whom He has gifted,
To help bind the hearts and minds equally, and less rifted.

Less can be more,
That’s another chasm people store.

It’s a way to block reality or truth – yet there’s a reason for all that,
The majority don’t know what to do with their lives – so it’s better to “feel” blind like a bat.

I live with a woman from a once war torn country and a good example,
She trusts only one ‘person’ with her life, her comfort inside and out – that’s merely a sample.

She listens and learns,
From her daughter’s life of wounds and burns.

She trusts me exclusively because she knows she truly can,
I’d give my life freely for her, but she said without me she can’t stand.

Perhaps some special someone has something to gain,
It’s possible the poorest choice in life is for me to refrain.

God has an ultimate plan,
Who are we to whimsically disband?

I stand firm – my tenacity and perseverance shine through,
God in His infinite wisdom holds me by faith, in place . . . Like some serious glue.

Those with whom He has entrusted me,
I will hold by His grace, cherish, and keep most tenderly.

Who could ask for more on this earth?
When so many are starved for love . . . A literal dearth.

Wisdom is a tree of life,
While others take comfort away with bitterness and strife;

To depend upon something seasonal,
Hopefully now . . . it hardly sounds reasonable.

I raise my voice,
To help others make a wise choice.

Plot twist!

Here’s the “honor system jar”,
Your heart will reveal who you are.