Ivanka’s “Complicit”

Ivanka Trump’s word, not mine. Get your undies out of a wad!

In the meantime, I’ll explain to the multitude of readers outside the United States what the phrase “get your undies out of wad” means.

Typically American females tend to wear underwear that ride up or slide into their butt crack. There’s a high probability, you’ve seen them (I’m guessing) as tourists digging or tugging at it, or trying to pull it down. When used in speaking, here in America, it means “immediately irritated”, but literally and in public that’s why they grab at their underwear without thinking or caring who sees.

I’m going to go off on a tangent for a minute for readers to understand my style. There is an increasing multitude of foreign countries reading, but I have no idea what nationality “you” are. What has been a common denominator all my life is… explaining to my Korean mother what American phrases or slang means.

Believe it or not, my mother doesn’t curse, smoke, drink, etc. Her only real vice is chocolate, because she got a taste while in Korea and remembers how delicious that little morsel filled her mouth with delight, like Ivanka Trump remembers her dad answering her collect call from the janitors closet when she was in a boarding school.

The difference is, my mother was living in a Third World country at the time, and the next time she got any chocolate was when she came to America.

It tasted so good, it’s as if it’s still real when they both speak about it. One is the love of chocolate, and the other is the love of a father. My mother had the love of her father, and lost him at an early age. She gets her chocolate, and now has to eat it in moderation, because she values her body and life.

Ivanka Trump knows no moderation when it comes to her father, as long as she gets his approval. In fact, like her friend Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump with attorney Jamie Gorelick is by all appearances hovering somewhere “above the law” territory.

Who with such enormous egos and wealth would rescind all control and finances, when admittedly still making money? Do you speed when you drive? Ever run a red light deliberately?

2014 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards

It may have begun with Ivanka and Jared Trump, or is it Jared and Ivanka Kushner, moving into OUR White House like unexpected guests. The focus is really on her, because Jared, as the husband of a feminist, prefers to be an emasculated male or a wall flower.


It appears as though it’s by design or strategy as she is one who did the rare advice given to Donald Trump by his dad of, “take the lumps out” when the family was under pressure.

I digress… a tad.

By moving into OUR White House – It doesn’t make her (or Jared) a politician, just because she’s in OUR White House, any more than an illegal alien coming into OUR country makes them a citizen, or if I go stand in the garage it makes me a car. Make sense?

Ivanka Trump defending her dad was one thing when he was running for office. It appeared as if almost everyone was confounded on some level, or mesmerized by his uncanny ability to motivate an oppressed nation. It was an exciting time! So many united behind Trump, then Christie, Huckabee, Newt, Rudy Giuliani, et. al.

Remember how excited everyone was for Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey for possible Attorney General to “Lock Her Up”? Jared Kushner reportedly got rid of him for his felonious dad’s vicarious revenge, because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Ivanka is no longer in her element, nor is her own dad. OUR President, Donald J. Trump, admitted that “he loved his previous life, had so many things going, this is more work than in my previous life, I thought it would be easier.


Ivanka is and closely associated with democrats, liberals, progressive or whatever they like to be called, with Jared outside OUR President’s “own little cocoon“, because they’re free to roam and he’s not. They pose for the photo ops, while President Trump works.

I’m tired of looking at totally posed photos. There were two kids in the stroller, the oriental nanny must have them off to the side. (Insert laughter.) I can’t say if the one in the link highlighted is Chinese or not, but in case you didn’t read it; it makes me wonder who’s teaching the Kushner children the Mandarin songs to sing in front of the Chinese President. In fact, my Korean mother says a room full of Orientals all look the same to her. Maybe you have to be there to appreciate her candid humor.


Now that we are onto Mandarin and Chinese again. Esquire wrote a piece titled:

Yes, Ivanka Trump Is Complicit

Whether she knows what the word means or not.

You can read the full transcript of the original interview I’m about to address, here. Not only does Ivanka not answer questions asked by Gayle King of CBS News, she admits she doesn’t know what complicit means:

I don’t know what it means to be– complicit– but– but, you know, I hope time will prove that I have– done a good job…

Oh no.

Gayle King: When we talk about the Ivanka Trump brand you are no longer running the day-to-day.

Ivanka Trump: No, I’m no longer–

Gayle King: What have you done with your business?

Ivanka Trump: I have no involvement with any of that. … I felt like proximity to my father and to the White House and– with my husband taking such an influential role in the administration, I didn’t wanna also be running a business. So I put it into trust. I have independent trustees. I have no involvement in its management, in this oversight and its strategic decision making.

It appears as though Ivanka is winging this without legal counsel from Jamie Gorlick. It was reported that Jared’s brother Josh referred Gorelick to him. Josh Kushner’s venture capitalist partner Jared Weinstein was once George W. Bush’s “body man”. Oh my, it’s like a knotted ball of yarn the cat knocked under the dusty basement stairs! Nobody is looking down there. Ilk! (It’s not a typo. I play on words after so much research, I deserve to have fun. Remember, I’ve grown up saying wrong words due to my mother’s mispronunciation.)

Gayle King: But the trustees are family members, right? Your brother-in-law and your sister-in-law?

Ivanka Trump: They are.

Gayle King: So from the–

Ivanka Trump: But they’re completely independent. And I’m transparent about that.

Gayle King: But you can you see from the public point of view, yes, you put it in trust but it’s family members. They’re thinking, “Well, is she really not involved? Do you really not get on the phone and say, ‘What’s going on?’” You have no involvement–

Ivanka Trump: I take–

Gayle King: –whatsoever?

Ivanka Trump: –I take a legal document very seriously and I wouldn’t go through the pains of setting this up if I intended to violate it….

…So just practically speaking, if my interest was making money or growing my business, I would do far better to completely disengage and do exactly that.

[Emphasis mine. “Transparent”, didn’t Obama say that for eight long years?]

Meanwhile, Nichole Kushner Meyer is pimping EB-5 or “golden visas” in China for $500,000 on New Jersey luxury apartments.

Where does one coherently insert seeming conflicts of words in this real estate related concoction of politically crisscrossed legalities or ethics? I am no attorney. I am an American patriot who supports our President, Donald J. Trump, the businessman, not his daughter and not her husband.

Read this:

… Ivanka put much of her assets in a trust and resigned from her fashion brand.

But Ivanka’s decision not to divest her assets has resulted in some controversy, after China approved three trademarks for her clothing brand on the same day she met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago.

[Emphasis mine, due to definition of the word “but” meaning “on the contrary; in contrast”.]

Ivanka Trump has made no attempt to have her fashion brands to be “Made in America”. How is that pro-American, while her sister-in-law is taking away from the Chinese via “golden visas”?

It’s clear to me that “you”, the reader rarely, if ever, bother to click the links diligently placed for your edification. Nonetheless, the resources in which I cautiously steep my research is to prove the sources are not “right leaning”, nor do I take the easy way out to prove a point to sway you.

USA Today, all but endorsed Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election by ending their September 29, 2016, scathing Opinion piece on Donald Trump with, “By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump.

It gives me pause reading the reactions or responses toward Ivanka Trump in particular on both sides (if there were, an actual “political fence”), as if there is another massive confusion as to Ivanka’s political and polarizing identity, much like there was of Donald Trump when he was campaigning for President.

Some appear to associate Ivanka based on hopes with President Trump’s rally platform, or cling to Providence without foresight or understanding of Almighty God (read His Word), and/or on the mere fact that she’s his daughter. Sadly, many Americans clearly don’t understand our legislative process.

Apparently there’s a misnomer with the concept or definition of “family”. It appears there’s a minority who can see that Ivanka and Jared Trump or Jared and Ivanka Kushner are democrats despite labels each have chosen, to lighten the supposed political discrepancies or perhaps to blur the public quagmire further.

If one follows or researches Ivanka and Jared Kushner, she is responding to her husband as a non-feminist woman would. Ivanka has chosen to live her life according to her husband’s parent’s desires which are first and foremost based upon their religious beliefs and that’s OK. She made a choice.


Ivanka Trump’s business interests are no longer part of her family of origin, BUT (“on the contrary; in contrast”) now belong to Jared Kushner’s family of origin, and Jared’s dad is reportedly a “vindictive” felon, and that’s OK, too. It’s the lifestyle he has chosen.

Ivanka’s financial information reported by USA Today is reported as follows:

Ivanka Trump has put her fashion-licensing brand in a trust controlled by two relatives that is valued at more than $50 million, according to the financial disclosure report released late Friday.

The disclosures also show her maintaining an ownership stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, the subject of protests from ethics watchdogs who say special interests are likely to stay at the hotel to win favor with the administration. The report, which lists income, assets and liabilities in broad ranges only, pegs Ivanka Trump’s stake in the hotel at between $5 million and $25 million. She reported earnings of $1 million to $5 million from the property. The Trumps have a 60-year lease on the federally owned property, just a short walk from the White House.

Getting back to Ivanka with Gayle King, who is friends with Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey and Democrat.  Ivanka Trump made donations to Cory Booker, and you can find them here. (Oprah dropped some cash on Booker too, here; Ben Affleck here. (Links updated.) Well, while we’re looking, here‘s Leo DiCaprio’s cash drop as well.) 


That was fun! These people are linked together by a $200 million yacht owned by Democrat David Geffen, called the Rising Sun.






In the last piece, it was noted the Kushner’s took a vacation on this massive yacht in 2016. Time flies when you’re having fun, but wasn’t that potentially during Ivanka’s dad’s Presidential campaign?

Okay back to this:

Gayle King: Can I say, it’s a very nice neighborhood you live in. Did you wanna live here because– I saw Barack and Michele Obama’s house around the corner, and Jeff and McKenzie Bezos also live in the neighborhood.

Ivanka Trump: Yes, and Secretary Tillerson lives here and Wilbur Ross. And– so we have a nice community.

As you may recall, Dina Powell is now Deputy National Security Advisor to President Trump, worked very closely to Ivanka Trump and is reported to have a strong relationship with Valerie Jarrett.

These photos appear to be rare expressions:





They’re very endearing if it weren’t President Trump’s Inauguration. Therefore, it casts a shadow on the connections made with them being neighbors, their friends, donations, associations, etc.

This reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle in a box with only a few pieces, and I have to go find missing pieces with no guidance to put the puzzle together. My hope is that you can see it’s not simple, becoming less enjoyable because there’s no payoff for me.

The wealthy get wealthier, and well… I’ve got this donation button, refrain from shoving annoying requests in your face, and yet I get not even a “clink” at the bottom of the “honor jar”. We do this on the honor system, meaning if you partake, you leave money for the services rendered.

You KNOW, you will NOT find this in Media. So would you please help me continue by making a contribution?

God knows who passes this by, and He will remember you for letting me hang, because cake was more important. I’m not employed, and can’t write about that either!


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