Jared Kushner: Family First and Chinese People

The most recent and breaking news is about the EB-5 or “golden visas” Jared Kushner’s sister, Nichole Kushner Meyer is pimping in China, for a $150 million investment in luxury apartments.


According to the Ghana Star:

Kushner Companies were also due to pitch for investment in Shanghai on Sunday and in the southern Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou next weekend, according to the events’ organiser QWOS, a Chinese government-approved immigration agency.

Yet, the American people are to take comfort in hearing it’s all “kosher” or ethically sound because Jared and Ivanka Kushner’s attorney (yeah, I said ALL of it), Jamie Gorelick legally approves it. But remember, Gorelick is a leftover from Clinton’s administration, and I have yet to see any hard evidence that there is nothing illegal or unethical, due to the magnitude of Jared Kushner’s business interests and participation.

The New York Times reports:

One of Mr. Kushner’s projects, a Trump-branded luxury apartment tower in Jersey City, received nearly a quarter of its financing, about $50 million, from Chinese investors.

There are so many issues I could address, but you, the avid reader and of astute mind can do that on your own time.

I’m curious about Jared Kushner’s motto, “family first” and Chinese people. They seem to bring both the Kushners and Trumps more money than those of us reading combined could ever imagine having. (Unless I’m mistaken, then there’s a donation button at the bottom, please by all means… share!)

The Jared and Ivanka Kushner family began with a break up. You can find it here.

Credit is given to their Chinese friend Wendi Deng for supposedly bringing them back together. This photo is on the massive $200 million boat, named the Rising Sun owned by David Geffen. It’s reported Geffen is friends with President Obama, and donated large sums of money to Sanders and Clinton.


So why did the Kushner’s vacation on that massive yacht in 2016?  Those orientals (yeah, I said it) get you off track every time. For those who don’t know of me, my mother is from South Korea, and calls herself “oriental”. We are old school and do our best to communicate here at home. So, welcome – I paid for this platform – you didn’t.

Relax and read… OR if you don’t like it, leave, and go away quietly.  I paid money to be here, and show no ROI. I don’t need your scribbled “tips on a napkin“. Comprehend?

Back to “family first” and Chinese. Nannies immediately come to mind  because they really don’t; that’s what family means to Jared and Ivanka Kushner, or is it Ivanka and Jared Trump?  Have a look before I share the words of liberal women shredding Ivanka’s book “Women Who Work” with their catty claws.


It makes me wonder who’s teaching the kids to speak Mandarin? Ivanka reportedly mentions two nannies in her book, which resembles her own childhood.

I’ll let The New Yorker speak on behalf of the second and almost identical critique of Ivanka Trump’s book I’ve read so far:

Women Who Work” is mostly composed of artless jargon (“All women benefit immeasurably by architecting their lives”) and inspirational quotes you might find by Googling “inspirational quotes.” Her exhortations feel even emptier than usual in light of Trump’s stated policy goals. “We must fight for ourselves, for our rights not just as workers but also as women,” Ivanka writes, and, elsewhere, “Honor yourself by exploring the kind of life you deserve.” The imagined audience for the book is so rarefied that Ivanka confidently calls paying bills and buying groceries “not enormously impactful” to one’s daily productivity. Her nannies are mentioned twice, if you count the acknowledgments; no other household help is alluded to at all. On the book’s second-to-last page, she finally, briefly mentions the need for paid leave and affordable childcare….

… By the end of the book, she’s basically speaking to no one.

[Emphasis mine.]

Kushner’s must be attempting to begin a high brow trend of having Chinese doing their household chores, and training their children to be bilingual (in spite of religious reasons) like Rupert Murdoch had, and Mark Zuckerberg or Mitch McConnell have. Those are the only three off the top of my head who married Chinese women who affect trade or our economy.



Now we have the Kushner Clan changing the dynamics of an already broken immigration policy against which so many Americans voted.

Perhaps Donald Trump doesn’t understand what Steve Bannon was onto with the “working man” and woman.  (UPDATE: Bannon was a paid employee. Think about who owns the publication!)

It’s as if President Trump has forgotten H-1B, and has no clue the damages of Employment at will or At-Will Employment. They all favor immigrants over American citizens.

My own mother is against any oriental entering America illegally, because of what it took her to get here legally.

Keep this in mind: Chinese are communists. Every faction attempting a takeover of America, give it whatever name you want, follows communist tactics.

Jared Kushner, the emasculated male‘s “family first” motto… observe that seemingly “un-posed” featured photo at the top, it’s rare, but not the first one like it I’ve found. It appears someone is dominate behind the four walls at their home. That’s where I was originally headed, but got side tracked again! This one was good because it filled in a MAJOR gap.

It takes countless hours of my time and currently no resources, without your help there will be no more of my time. Seriously, maybe this will get into the hands of some generous people in Myanmar, formally Burma, because America is no longer the most generous nation in the world. (UPDATE: They may no longer be either. They’ve been under attack.)

Be different and prove me wrong. My penning style is not nearly as simple as it may appear.

Would you please?

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