NPR Proved My Political Point

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Not all news is fake! If only people would slow down and READ. I’d say 95 percent or more of my sources are from what people call “liberal media”, and for good reason.

My last piece on Ivank’s Achilles’ Heel was to be a lead into another piece with a crucial point, but due to the obtuse reader (from an unknown side of the political isle now), it was discounted by sheer, unmitigated ignorance.

What “the reader” fails to recognize is – things I tell you are considered taboo, I can see where you found this piece to read, and if anyone bothers to click a link. Yet, the least of you dare to call me names without knowing a single thing about my life as if my life somehow remotely resembles yours.

It took the conclusion of NPR’s, Domenico Montanaro’s analysis to explain WHY I bother attempting to discover and expose the truth of Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, DNC, or Establishment, Republicans, Conservatives, GOP, RNC in the White House.

We all have the right to exist, and speak. Do it without being evil and resorting to name calling!

Bio’s now say the worst of the name callers are “Christians”!

To you Reader: IF you do not, or cannot comprehend research, the depth of politics, wealth, power, and control; THEN go AWAY QUIETLY.  I didn’t see you donate any money for the hours I spent researching, and not for a scribbled “tip on a napkin“.

The best find the best summary of why we, the American people should NOT rest on our laurels, is on NPR:

But there’s a danger in this. The American presidency is limited — by design. And yet, presidential elections are given outsize prominence to the detriment of policies that could affect real people’s lives and important lower-level elections.

Americans just aren’t as interested in civic participation as they are celebrity. That means that when policies are pushed only a moneyed few with access can have quiet influence in Washington.

And it means that activists can control the levers of power locally, which trickle up to power nationally in forms like gerrymandering in redistricting.

Politics is hard, and it can be annoying, but being disconnected from it has consequences. And the kinds of people who could become president is one of them.

[Emphasis is all mine.]  Why defund NPR?

Have American’s been permanently “dumbed down” by the Obama administration and it’s best to keep people down there NOT using their God given brain?

Discern!  Get away from the idiot box – television, social media, your phone, etc.

If you are not able to comprehend that, then I don’t have anything left to say.  The readership here expands the globe, because people are far more intelligent than filthy name callers, cowards, and controlling personalities.


It takes countless hours of my time and currently no resources, without your help there will be no more of my time. Maybe this will get into the hands of some generous people in Myanmar (Burma), because America is no longer the most generous nation in the world. (They’ve been under attack, and may have slipped on that list.)

Be different. It’s not nearly as simple as it may appear.

(This piece was unedited for your reading pleasure.)

Would you please?

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