Trump’s Globalist Web Includes Venture Capitalist (Josh Kushner)

It’s true, Josh Kushner is content to be known as “the brother of Jared“, as in Jared Kushner, or Ivanka Trump’s husband, to rid himself of the stigma of the felon Charles Kushner’s son.

Somehow Josh managed to wear the white suit in the coal mine and not get dirty. He dates a high profile model Karlie Kloss and lives a low profile life, yet he’s much more connected to the White House than the media will expose.

Oscar is his insurance company, but first we have to understand his Venture Capital or VC, Thrive and its ties.

Josh Kushner’s partner at Thrive is Jared Weinstein, and they are as private as Jared Kushner’s twitter account. There’s basically nothing, no tweets, no Facebook page, and a  white page website.

It’s been disclosed the Kushner’s are Democrats and had politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Al Gore over to their house in New Jersey. On the flip side, Jared Weinstein was once the “body man” of President George W. Bush.

The Establishment is what Americans voted out as they chanted “Drain the Swamp” at Trump’s rallies, yet it was George W. Bush who reportedly suggested Jared Weinstein meet Josh Kushner. Let that sink in really deep.

Correlate Obama’s “body man”, Reggie Love being catapulted into the public eye when most had never heard of such a position. George Bush put his closest “companion” together in business with the real estate tycoon – Democratic felon from New Jersey -Charlie Kushner’s son, Josh.

For so long, the Nation was unaware Democrats and Republican establishment were one in the same.  It appears here the same is true, it’s just a different generation of tycoons and millenienial’s are spearheading in a more diverse direction with the focus being on family/money, or money/family before nation.

Keeping all that in mind, remember Peter Thiel? In a report by NPR, Peter Thiel said the following,

“It’s not a lack of judgment that leads Americans to vote for Trump,” he said. “We’re voting for Trump because we judge the leadership of our country to have failed.”

Thiel says his political views haven’t cost him financially or cost him any business relationships. In the end, it may be money, not politics, that matters most in Silicon Valley.

Remember Thrive? It’s a VC partnership with Josh Kushner and Jared Weinstein. It’s reported when Weinstein came on board, Thrive raised institutional money for the first time and Peter Thiel, as PayPal’s cofounder, was part of that secured backing.

Thrive is incredibly fascinating, but it’s not the apex and doesn’t stop there.

Oscar is a health insurance company started in 2013, by venture capitalist Josh Kushner. The important factors are the investors because they are the ties that bind.

In 2015, Oscar got unicorn valuation with $145 million in new funding. The following explains how Oscar received the valuation:

[Oscar] a New York health insurance startup, has raised a large new round of funding that values it at $1.5 billion. Led by Founders Fund, the investment firm run by Peter Thiel, as well as Horizon Ventures, Wellington Management Company and Goldman Sachs, the round brings $145 million in new capital to Oscar.

Josh Kushner appears to be a silent conduit for Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s Democratic allies. Remember this?

Gorelick was reportedly introduced to Jared by his brother Josh Kushner. Josh is a client of hers and is a “life long Democrat“. Jared Kushner is also a Democrat and Gorelick represents Jared and Ivanka Trump regarding nepotism laws and policies under President Trump’s administration.

Josh Kushner flies under the radar again, but TechCrunch reported on April 25, 2017, that Oscar Health rolled out its business product. How timely with the congressional upheaval of the repeal and replace.

Given all the “insiders”, and that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are whispers in OUR President’s ear, with the swamp not drained, but the water replaced with bottled Trump water, the reported “blueprint” in works has been waiting for this debut.

Politics has been what I dubbed years ago as incestuous due to the closeness of the crossover. Slowly but surely this family of origin and extended family’s enmeshment is beginning to look like a beautifully and delicately spun web of a spider.

It’s virtually invisible unless one can catch a glimpse upon it glistening in the sunrise. Otherwise, one walks into a spider’s web as the media depicts it and others look at you thinking your crazy swinging, screaming, karate chopping aimlessly when finally understood.


THIS is why it’s important to remember Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner who whisper in the ear of OUR President, Donald J. Trump. The family is enmeshed like a beautifully spun spider’s web. It’s about family/money first or money/family, and we’ve been told.

President Trump needs to be reminded, as we also need to remember, he was elected to serve the people of the United States of America.

What’s in your wallet?

Mine is virtually empty, and I’m not hitting you up with slick “call to action” marketing ads. This is my God-given passion, but without your help, my time will have to be devoted to working elsewhere.

We do the honor system “jar” here. You received a lot of research, choose not to respond in kind, and nobody will be learning here. I have to sustain life, and not off the taxpayer.

My time is running out.


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