Trump Clueless about Dairy Farms Uses Wisconsin Blaming Trudeau

Oh SNAP! What happened to commodity cheese? President Trump must not have ever eaten commodity cheese, nor does he understand why it was such a supplemental dietary addition to welfare recipients. It’s called a surplus.


The real estate tycoon doesn’t immediately understand dairy farming. Dairy farms produce too much and want subsidies or have them buy the product to keep them in business. Logically, that should drive dairy prices down. The American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Milk Producers Federation, however, are there to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Therefore Scott Walker’s response appears to collude, but like icing on a cake with the information provided:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took to Twitter to say that he had discussed the issue with President Trump, and thanked him for “taking action to protect WI dairy farmers.

Another option is to cull the cows. The latest slaughtering of the cows initiated a $52 million class-action lawsuit against the nation’s largest dairy producers, by animal rights activists, and it didn’t cover merely the state of Wisconsin. There are other options besides than killing the cows, too.

The United States makes money by exporting goods, not by importing. Therefore, if the USA has an overabundance of dairy products, it would be profitable to export dairy products rather than import.

Yet, everyone wants a bailout. Then there are the globalists who attempt to blend into the Wisconsin scenery. One example being Arla Dofino.

About Arla Dofino
Arla Foods is the fifth largest dairy company in the world and is a cooperative owned by dairy farmers. For more than 100 years, Arla Dofino cheeses have been crafted at Hollandtown Dairy in Kaukauna, Wisconsin – the heartland of America.

To be the fifth largest dairy company in the world, do you think it’s located in Wisconsin, when we can’t export our surplus of dairy products?

Of course not! Arla Dofino is out of the Middle East.

Arla Middle East Milestones since 1950s – A rich history of accomplishments…

1950 The export of Lurpak Butter to the Middle East began

1977 Danya Foods was established in Saudi Arabia

1983 Production started in Saudi Arabia

2005 Marked the start of a pan-Arab organization

2008 A regional office for the Middle East was set up in Dubai, UAE

2010 Middle East & African organization was established.

Houston, we have a problem.  The USA dairy imports can be located here showing a visible increase over the years, while we have a national surplus with high prices, and the dairy farmers want subsidies.

Who else is lurking in our countryside from the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia, Celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month?

Like Obamacare, this dairy issue is complex and the fix does not lie in Canada, or stop in Wisconsin.

We need donations to provide visual aids to make this easier for you to read at a glance. It’s very frustrating not to be able to provide pictorials with ease. Every app costs money, and my time costs me money.

This is the proverbial “honor system jar” at the checkout:

You utilize my services, and leave paying nothing, then I will eventually I will have to leave with less warning.

You get what you pay for, you don’t pay, you won’t get.

So please…

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