Ivanka Trump is a Democrat, Liberal, or Progress, but Who Knows?

The White House belongs to the People of the United States of America. Donald Trump, not Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner, was elected President to serve the People while in White House. When we elected Donald Trump, it was his life that had been under scrutiny, not theirs.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to vet or know who these young people are that whisper in the ear of our President.

Despite ever changing politically correct terminology (not to offend in the world of psychology), there is a lot to be said about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Sometimes the basics of life determine one’s core development to a high degree as it is a combination of nature vs. nurture. Maslow studied exemplary people like Albert Einstein rather than mentally ill.


Quick review of the pyramid: Physiological needs include air, food, shelter, etc. Safety needs include family, economic, health, etc. Social Belonging is especially strong in childhood and it can override the need for safety. Deficiencies within this level of Maslow’s hierarchy can adversely affect the individual’s ability to form and maintain emotionally significant relationships in general, such as:

• Friendships
• Intimacy
• Family

Next is Esteem, we all have a need to feel respected; this includes the need to have self-esteem and self-respect. Esteem presents the typical human desire to be accepted and valued by others. On a positive note, this is where one enters a profession, and contributions to the job give one a sense of value.

Finally Self-Actualization refers to what one’s full potential is, and the realization of that potential which espouses liberty as defined. Maslow believed to understand this level of need one must not only achieve the previous needs, but master them.

I question how Self-Actualization is possible by his definition, as one’s childhood experiences are out of their control.

Allow me to qualify that the intent here is to reveal the truth of human behavior and its potential effects upon America by the ‘first daughter’. Perhaps, someone may identify with this psychological observation as there is a stark reality set apart from or behind beauty, wealth, name, brand, fame, etc.

Working backwards, Self-Actualization’s definition is associated with liberty.

Beginning with Ivanka’s words:

Like Don, they seem to have an almost cultlike reverence for the family business, despite the risk of living in their father’s shadow. “We’ve all made peace with the fact that we will never be able to achieve any level of autonomy,” says Ivanka. 

First daughter Ivanka, with her name as a derivative of Ivana, her mother, now oddly and ironically looks like the classic woman Donald married, but not the woman he later divorced. Ivanka is the result of her upbringing.

Ivanka is the baby name for Ivana, except she’s supposed to be a grown woman. A feminist too. She hasn’t grown out of her name yet!

Ivana & Donald (sm)

The Trumps certainly would not have won any parenting awards when Don Jr. was a child. With Donald busy building his empire and Ivana helicoptering to Atlantic City six or seven days a week to run Trump Castle, there wasn’t a lot of time for helping with homework or taking weekend trips to the park. Ivana hired two Irish nannies, Dorothy and Bridget, to care for the children. But the most important early influence came from Ivana’s Czech parents, Milos and Maria Zelnicek, who lived with the family in Trump Tower for six months out of the year. …

But it was also a fight over the right to raise three children, and Ivana won that battle hands down and was granted full custody. At the time of the separation, Eric was just 6, Ivanka was 8, and Donald Jr. was 12.

Hold onto this thought: Only two years later at age 10, Ivanka was at boarding school hiding in the janitor’s closet calling her dad collect, and it’s reported that Donald always took her calls. To this day, she feeds off his limited interactions and adds the same Trumpian bombast her dad uses to impress listeners.

Learn to question the motivation of attention seekers, typically performers known to wear masks in public, who are a persona. Most of them miss the love of someone special in their childhood, but their charisma masks their longing to be loved, accepted, and feel as though they belong.

It’s a vacuum we all share, but 99 percent of us vs. the 1 percent, don’t have everything at our disposal to figuratively or literally ingest to attempt to fill that vacuum nor are we in the public eye. Ivanka is merely an example of many of us, and it’s OK.

Now back to Donald and Ivanka’s mother, Ivana. Keep in mind, as he’s now our President, yet he reportedly threw himself into the realm of media and tabloid fodder in the 1980’s, Ivana was solidly behind him, seemingly salivating at the money, yet never grasping the concept of “keeping it classy.”

Decide for yourself:

When the Trump plane landed in Palm Beach, two cars were usually waiting, the first a Rolls-Royce for the adults, the second a station wagon for the children, the nannies, and a bodyguard. Occasionally, state troopers were on hand to speed the Trump motorcade along. This took a certain amount of planning and coordination, but the effort was crucial for what Ivana was trying to achieve. “In fifty years Donald and I will be considered old money like the Vanderbilts,” she once told the writer Dominick Dunne…

… Donald was determined to have a large family. “I want five children, like in my own family, because with five, then I will know that one will be guaranteed to turn out like me,” Donald told a close friend…

The child appears to be Ivanka. (UPDATE: Actually, this is incorrect – but keep reading.)

… Some months before the Trumps’ separation, Donald and Ivana were due at a dinner party being given in their honor. The Trumps were late, and this was not a dinner to be taken lightly…

… Trump entered the room first. “I had to tape the Larry King show,” he said. “I’m on Larry King tonight.” He seemed very restless. Trump paid little attention to his blonde companion, and no one in the room recognized Ivana until she began to speak. “My God! What has she done to herself?” one guest asked. Ivana’s Slavic cheeks were gone; her lips had been fluffed up into a pout. Her limbs had been resculpted, and her cleavage astonishingly enhanced. The guests were so confused by her looks that her presence created an odd mood.


It was reported that Ivana had gone to a plastic surgeon in California to have the procedure(s) done, and beneath the accusations of his infidelity with Marla Maples, Donald is reported to have stated that he left his marriage, not for anyone, but that he just left.

During the much publicized divorce, there was another fight for personal branding. Ivana was savvy in her own right as she had been reportedly fighting a prenuptial for approximately 14 years. She hired attorneys to speak for her as she only had perfume, shoes, handbags, and scarves to market with her name, no longer Trump’s.

Her lawyers projected a domestic Ivana with jellies and homemade jams. Yet it was reported her kitchen was no more than a kitchenette, tiled with gold linoleum. “The children’s wing has a kitchen, and that is where the nanny cooks,” a friend said.

Let’s fast forward to Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka now. She’s morphed into her parents when most individuals typically favor one parent. Mentioning a domesticated side on social media, but reportedly cooking one meal a week, and with her first child she not only left 8 days after giving birth to close a real estate deal in FL, against her doctor’s advice that it wasn’t a “good idea“, she conducted motherhood via closed circuit TV. And, like her mother, Ivanka sells or sold jewelry, shoes, handbags, but added clothing, accessories, and continued to model her goods to enhance the brand.

Stay with me, here’s the plot twist in Ivanka’s life. The Trump family has been solidly established in the real estate business. Donald Trump, and the patriarch’s participation in politics from the 1980’s on, appears to have been a part-time interest and part of his grandiosity.

Donald Trump has a politically inclined history in New York City we will touch on later, but his involvement in politics appeared to be for maneuvering business deals, influencing, donating and persuading, rather than a prelude for things to come.

Up to a point, Ivanka was a model like her mother, got her education like her father, and later began working for the Trump Organization. In an interview with GQ, at age 25, Ivanka appeared laid back, she used foul language, yet she may have been in her element when she made the following statement:

Honestly, I have a tendency to date dorks. Which means that a lot of times, I date guys that no one else would deem to be a hunk.“

I believe in fighting for a relationship. But you know what? It shouldn’t be that difficult at this age. If you can’t be happy at this age, when you’re young and in love, you’re not gonna be happy in twenty years. I definitely believe in, like, cutting losses, moving on.

Previously, I had written that Kushner’s parents put pressure on Jared, so he sided with them and broke up with Ivanka, because she wasn’t Jewish. The quote above explains why she was hurt when he didn’t take her side, because perceptually she wasn’t worth fighting for or their relationship.

Ivanka Trump defied her own beliefs about relationships approximately two years later with Jared Kushner. He didn’t fight for their relationship and she chose not to cut her losses and move on.

Like her mother, Ivanka has chosen to take on her husband’s identity. It appears as though she has chosen to steep herself in his Democratic political ideology and act as a conduit or liaison between the two men from whom she craves attention, love and belonging.

So far, it appears as though Ivanka will stop at nothing to get what she perceives as attention, love and belonging from Donald Trump and Jared Kushner. Those are her life choices, but did you vote for Democrats and globalism when you voted for our President, Donald Trump?

Never in history have selfish motives of any human being, or politically speaking ever been good for our nation as a whole, let alone for a city or Americans in general.

It takes countless hours of my time and resources, but without your help and resources, there will be no more of my time.

Would you please?

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