Jared Kushner Broke up with Ivanka Trump Before They were Married

Ivanka Trump is a global elitist socialite who, like other so-called celebrities attempt to keep their private lives out of the public eye. America has no Camelot, or monarchy as the latter leans toward despotic pomp and circumstance at the taxpayer’s expense.

Ivanka has now taken up voluntary residence with her husband Jared Kushner, in the White House that belongs to the American People. Voting for her dad, doesn’t mean the vote was cast for Ivanka and her husband, thereby making them politicians via their choice to take unpaid positions. If one plants themselves in the garage, it doesn’t make them a car.

Difficult segue here. If you follow me, I tend to leave a nugget of thought like, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“.

Jared’s dad, Charles “Charlie” Kushner, has been described as a risk taker, meticulous and focused at work. It was also reported that after leaving Charle Kushner, one “thinks” he was – charming and nice. Reported by The New Yorker, A former Kushner Companies executive also described Jared’s dad as threatening, vindictive, and nasty.

Like the Trump children, Jared also joined his dad by following him around in business at an early age, and it’s noted they share some if not more personality traits such as his high level of focus, and attention to the dollar.

Ivanka and Jared met in 2005. It’s more commonly reported the year was 2007. They were innocently set up by a friend and a commercial real estate broker who thought they could do business deals together. Like any wealthy young single “born to wealth” adults who share the same passions and ideologies, they began a relationship. Ivanka stated it felt like it was slow and felt more like a courtship.

Many things were happening when they met, Jared Kushner’s dad was convicted in 2005 for witness tampering, illegal campaign contributions and tax evasion. Charles Kushner was sentenced to federal prison in Alabama, though he was released in 2006 after just 14 months to spend the remainder of his sentence in a New Jersey halfway house.

So if they met in 2005 or 2007, either way it still looks bad.

Kushner’s parents put the pressure on Jared, so he sided with them and broke up with Ivanka in 2008. Naturally, Ivanka was hurt that Jared didn’t take her side when he chose his parents’ and religion over his professed love for her.

Any shiksa and Modern Orthodox, Orthodox, Reformed or non-practicing Jew knows or will find out there will be a problem with the family, and/or the Jewish community with the interfaith marriage. They will wait until the most inconvenient time to blatantly sabotage the relationship – depending on the type of family.

The breakup was reportedly short lived as Wendi Deng Murdoch, then married to media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and a friend of the couple via Kushner, invited the couple for a weekend on the Murdochs’ yacht. A short time later, Kushner reportedly bought Ivanka a 5.22-carat diamond engagement ring.

The week of July 2009, Ivanka Trump completed her conversion to Judaism.

… after studying under Rabbi Lookstein at K.J on the Upper East Side. (Before this, they could not be officially engaged.) This spring, for instance, Ivanka attended a benefit for the Mikvah, the traditional Jewish bath, in Jared’s hometown of Livingston, New Jersey, with his mom, Seryl, and his two sisters, Nicole and Dara. One attendee reported that Seryl introduced Ivanka to friends solely as “Ivanka,” and not as Jared’s girlfriend.

Unless one has experienced such unwelcoming coldness, it’s very difficult to understand the depth of personal pain interfaith conversion causes. Perhaps this is why Ivanka says her conversion is very personal to her, and sweeps her past under the rug.

Nobody wants this dredged up. Especially not Ivanka Trump who learned to wear a public mask, from the day her parents divorce was announced. She is a persona, a brand; rarely personable, but about maneuvering, and achieving for love – and acceptance.

One has to take the time to research, and study the behavioral patterns of Ivanka Trump to understand how she operates, as we are all human and behave in familiar patterns.

Behind this seemingly beautiful, elitist couple is a menagerie of globalists, billionaires, moguls, Democrats, celebrities, fashionistas, journalists, global bankers, foreign investments, and the same thing working people voted against when voting for Donald John Trump to serve the American people first.

To President Trump:  You took an oath to serve America, not yourself or Ivanka. The White House is not your house, nor Ivanka’s, nor Jared Kushner’s house. Would you please remove Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner from our White House, President Trump?

To the reader:  If you love God, your family, America, your children, your children’s future, then would you please join me, and together we can spread the truth by shining a light in a dark room so all can see.

I really need the help of someone.

Maybe it’s you…

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