Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s Nepotism Ties Jamie Gorelick into the White House Again

Nepotism is favoritism bestowed or shown on the basis of family relationships in business and politics, or the unfair practice by a powerful person of giving and other favors to relatives. When someone is given the advantage over another someone else is at a disadvantage. In politics, the disadvantages can far outweigh the nepotistic advantages.

This is where Jamie Gorelick enters the picture. We previously established she’s a Democrat, employed by the international law firm WilmerHale, with her office being located on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, DC. She served as Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton, and a fundraiser for Hillary’s failed 2016 campaign. Ms. Gorelick is also a major and loyal donor to the Democratic Party.

Gorelick was reportedly introduced to Jared by his brother Josh Kushner. Josh is a client of hers and is a “life long Democrat“. Jared Kushner is also a Democrat and Gorelick represents Jared and Ivanka Trump regarding nepotism laws and policies under President Trump’s administration.

Jamie Gorelick claims to not agree with President Trump, yet believes in “pushing good people into government“. She also said the follow about representing Steve Bannon when questioned.

[If he who], who represents the most extreme end of Trump’s administration, asked for her help, would she offer it? “Good luck to you, but I’m not going there,” Gorelick said. “In general, I have really pressed people who have had the opportunity to go into this administration to go in. A lot of people do not want to go in. But we have one government, elections have consequences, we should not want the government to fail.”

Nepotism, it causes chasms. President Trump hailed that he was a unifier. A house divided shall not stand, nor shall a nation.

Steve Bannon clearly had his pulse on the working families across America and used his experience to shift the attention off Trump’s flailing campaign.

Jared, and apparent introvert billionaire, reportedly had his epiphany with the working class one day at a rally as he took in the excitement and reality of the movement, otherwise he can’t relate.

President Trump’s campaign was not won by social media, to the chagrin of number crunchers. Older Americans came out in droves who cared about the future of our nation, about the generations to come, and those seeking work, came out in droves to vote for Trump.

President Trump was elected to put #AmericaFirst, not fill the administration with novices, and globalists; only to have Ivanka sit in front of the camera to do what she does best. Cover the flaws of her family behind her rarely smiling beauty.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There is something wrong behind the four walls of the big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Remember, this one thing – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

If you would be so kind and help me. I have this habit called “eating to live”, others live to eat.

For real,